Finance & Insurance Options at Orange Škoda

Smart cover you’d expect from ŠKODA Insurance

ŠKODA vehicles are renowned for their clever safety features. So it’s hardly surprising that ŠKODA Insurance can provide you with a range of protection, from tyres to purchase price insurance.

That means you can drive with peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is taken care of, no matter where the road takes you.

We only use ŠKODA parts

We only use ŠKODA parts

Our mechanics only use genuine ŠKODA parts, engineered to our specifications, when carrying out repairs.

We let you choose your repairer

We let you choose your repairer

If you’ve got a great mechanic, it makes sense to use them. But if not, we have plenty of carefully selected ŠKODA specialists you can choose from.

Replacement car if yours is stolen

Replacement car if yours is stolen

Having your car stolen is an incredibly stressful experience. We try to make it easier with access to a free rental vehicle for 14 days, for up to $75 per day.*

A new car if yours is written off

A new car if yours is written off

Receive a new car of the same make, model and series if your new car is damaged beyond repair in an accident in the first 3 years of owning it.^*

More cover options

More cover options

Protect your finance and your vehicle, with five high value cover options to choose from.

We make payment easy

We make payment easy

You can elect to pay your premiums monthly by direct debit, or you may even be able to add them to your ŠKODA Finance package.

Your insurance options

Whatever your insurance needs are, ŠKODA Insurance has a protection plan to suit you, with five cover options that you can combine to personalise your cover.

ŠKODA Motor Vehicle Cover

Must-have protection, designed for ŠKODA owners.

With ŠKODA Insurance, you’ll enjoy peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel. You’ll feel safe with the knowledge that only genuine ŠKODA parts will be used if your vehicle needs repairing. You’ll also feel confident, knowing that if you breakdown we’ll take care of everything, even towing and emergency accommodation, to keep you safe and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

ŠKODA Asset Equity Cover

By taking out ŠKODA Asset Equity Cover, you can relax, knowing that if your car is written off or stolen, the gap between your insurance payout and the amount left on your loan would be taken care of.

With ŠKODA Asset Equity Cover, you’ll avoid the extra stress of having to cover any balance between your insurance payout and your vehicle finance if your vehicle is written off.*

ŠKODA Purchase Price Insurance Cover

Quality cover to make sure you’re fully covered, even when your car is written off.

With ŠKODA Purchase Price Insurance Cover you’ll be fully covered if your ŠKODA is damaged beyond repair and there’s a shortfall between your insurance payout and the amount you paid for your new ŠKODA for the first four years of your vehicle’s life.*

ŠKODA Loan Protection Cover

Avoid the unnecessary financial stress of mounting car repayments if something happens to you that affects your income with ŠKODA Loan Protection Cover.

Life is full of unexpected events. While we can’t always avoid them, we can be prepared. That’s why ŠKODA offers Loan Protection Cover, to keep you and your family protected no matter what comes your way. So if life takes a turn for the worse — you lose your job, get seriously ill or injured in an accident or even pass away, your car payments would be taken care of.*

ŠKODA Tyre and Rim Cover

Quality protection to keep you safe on the road.

Your tyres are the only thing that comes between your vehicle and the road, so it makes sense to ensure you take top care of them. ŠKODA Tyre and Rim Cover helps pay for the cost of repairing or replacing tyres or rims damaged by kerbs, potholes, punctures, blowouts or road debris.*

Insurance you can finance

Your insurance can even be bundled in with your finance payments in some cases to make your life even easier. The table below outlines which insurance policies can be included with which finance products. For more information, visit Orange Škoda and talk to one of our experienced Business Managers about your options.

  Lease Novated Lease Hire Purchase Chattel Mortgage Consumer Loan
Motor Vehicle Cover
Asset Equity Cover
Loan Protection Cover        
Business Loan Protection Cover      
Purchase Price Insurance Cover    
Tyre and Rim Cover •# •# •# •#  
Extended Warranty


Ask an expert about ŠKODA Insurance

If you’re buying a ŠKODA, you’re investing in European quality, clever design, and fantastic realibility — so it’s important that you protect your investment. VisitOrange Škoda to speak to a Business Manager today to talk about your insurance options.

One of our ŠKODA Business Managers can guide you to make sure your insurance policies cover everything you need on your new ŠKODA.

They’ll help make sure you get the right level of cover depending on your situation.

^ New for old replacement is only if the same make, model and series of vehicle is available in Australia. Underwriting conditions apply. May not be available to all applicants. Please consider the product disclosure statement before making your decision.

# ŠKODA Financial Services does not currently offer finance for Tyre and Rim Insurance for Consumer Loan products

*We do not provide advice on this insurance based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Before making a decision about insurance please consider the Product Disclosure Statements available from Orange Škoda. If you buy insurance from us we receive a commission which is a percentage of the premium. Ask Orange Škoda for more details before we provide our services.