Finance & Insurance Options at Orange Škoda

Forward thinking finance

ŠKODA vehicles are packed with clever features — and so is our personal finance.

It’s easy to apply for, practical and surprisingly affordable, and best of all, it’s designed with you in mind.

With ŠKODA Financial Services, you can customise your finance to suit your budget, payment cycles and lifestyle, putting you in the driver’s seat.

Now that’s clever thinking. 

Choose your package

Choose your package

Finance your on-road costs, insurance and even registration into one easy payment. Or lower your regular repayments by making a deposit (if available).

Choose your term

Choose your term

Choose a repayment term from one to seven years, depending on the finance option you choose.

Repayments that suit you

Repayments that suit you

Pay a deposit upfront (if available) or a balloon/residual payment at the end, reducing your regular repayments.

No extra security needed

No extra security needed

In most cases, your brand new ŠKODA is the only thing we need to secure your credit contract.

Payment options that work for you

Payment options that work for you

Choose your payment option — weekly, fortnightly or monthly, with convenient payments by BPAY or direct debit.

Easy budgeting

Easy budgeting

Enjoy the security of a fixed interest rate, no account-keeping fees, and no unexpected costs.

Personal finance that suits you

Whether you’re looking for a Consumer Loan to help you purchase your new ŠKODA outright, or a Novated Lease through your salary package, the choice is yours.

Consumer Loan

Elegantly simple, a Consumer Loan could be the perfect solution when you want to get on the road sooner rather than later.

Get behind the wheel sooner with a ŠKODA Financial Services Consumer Loan. With 100% finance for approved customers, there’s no waiting while you save for a deposit.

Your interest rate is fixed, so your repayments won’t go up, and you choose the term of your Loan. Plus, you can customise your repayment, with a deposit at the start or balloon payment at the end of your term.

Best of all, once your Loan is paid off, your ŠKODA is all yours.

  • Cover all your on-road costs, rego and insurance with 100% finance
  • Tailor your Loan for your financial situation
  • Choose your Loan term — from one to seven years
  • Use your ŠKODA as security on your Loan 
  • Enjoy a competitive fixed interest rate
  • Save with no annual or account-keeping fees 
  • Pay an initial deposit, or add a balloon payment at the end of your term to lower your regular repayments.

Salary packaging — Novated Leases

If you’re looking to make the most of a salary package, a Novated Lease can put a brand new Skoda in your driveway for less.

A ŠKODA Financial Services Novated Lease can be a great solution for employees and employers alike.

Employees can enjoy the thrill of a brand new ŠKODA as part of their salary package, and take advantage of potential tax benefits. And by including a ŠKODA in their recruitment offer, employers can better attract and retain quality staff.

It’s easier to organise than you probably realise — and it could knock thousands of dollars off the  total cost of your vehicle.

With a Novated Lease agreement, ŠKODA Financial Services owns the vehicle, with lease payments made by the employer from their employee’s pre-tax salary throughout the term of the Lease. If the employee changes workplace, they have to make their repayments themselves.

Once the Lease ends, the employee can choose to take a new Lease and upgrade to the latest model ŠKODA.

It’s easy, affordable — and smart.

  • Pay for your new ŠKODA from your before-tax salary
  • Enjoy terms from one to five years
  • All your insurance, registration and on-road costs can be included in your finance — so there’s nothing for you to pay upfront out of your own pocket
  • No account-keeping fees or annual fees
  • As an employer, reward your best and brightest staff with a brand new ŠKODA, paid for from their before-tax salary.

Meet the ŠKODA experts

Finding the right finance solution is about understanding your options — and getting the benefit of sound advice. Our experienced ŠKODA Business Managers at Orange Škoda will work with you through each step of the process, helping you choose a finance solution to suit your budget, tax position and needs.

And their help doesn't end once you’ve signed your finance contract. They’ll be just a phone call away for the full term of your finance contract, with advice and help that makes owning a ŠKODA even more of a pleasure.