2 August 2018

ŠKODA SUV Range | 4x4 SUV | ŠKODA Australia

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More versatile, more innovation

In 2009, ŠKODA entered the SUV market with the Yeti, a car so well-loved around the world that it became an icon for fun and versatility. Nearly a decade later, ŠKODA is now established as a leader of the field.

Its latest generation of SUVs takes over from where the Yeti left off. In the midsize KAROQ and large KODIAQ, ŠKODA brings even more style, space and joy to city and offroad motoring. Now even more versatile and innovative than the car that began the craze, ŠKODA’s award-winning range of SUVs sets a new standard for comfort, technology and space.

Confidence, not compromise

There should be no compromise when choosing a SUV, and in ŠKODA’s range, there are absolutely no trade-offs. Every model is capable of tackling all conditions while treating passengers to the highest level of comfort and convenience.

ŠKODA’s SUV range has confidence built in when driving off the beaten path. For when driving conditions get really tough, off-road mode maintains a constant speed on ascents and descents, and keeps traction on rough surfaces.

But not every journey is an adventure, so when it comes to the school run or the commute, ŠKODA has you covered. Inside, the latest technology and spacious, refined interiors come as standard, with cutting edge infotainment and driver assist systems in all models. Comfort and practicality come at no extra cost.

KODIAQ moment

ŠKODA’s biggest SUV, the sublimely styled seven-seater Kodiaq hits the ball out of the park in every way. Indeed, it was unanimously voted Australia’s car of the year — and it’s not hard to see why.

The interior provides great comfort and space while treating passengers as privileged guests with a whole host of thoughtful features and creature comforts. Under the bonnet, turbocharged petrol and diesel engines deliver supreme power and efficiency, making the KODIAQ the most versatile car in its class.

KAROQ your world

The new KAROQ is ŠKODA’s midsize SUV with an emphasis on good looks and versatility. Combining style with practicality, the KAROQ set new benchmarks the day it was launched. Likewise, its turbocharged engine delivers performance with economy that would be a contradiction for other SUVs.

With its big heart, an even bigger sense of adventure, the KAROQ’s spacious interior — backed by the innovative VarioFlex system and and inventive design — creates a home away from home, whatever you’re planning to pack into your day.

The best of sports

The brand new KODIAQ SportLine puts the sport into SUV, making it the seven-seat stand-out of the range. If the KODIAQ is designed to turn heads, the SportLine will keep them spinning.

Complementing the performance of the turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol and diesel engines and 4x4 transmission, the SportLine variant features a package of unique comfort, style and safety features in addition to the standard KODIAQ’s dashing good looks, peerless space and unmatched versatility.

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