ŠKODA Genuine Parts at Orange Škoda

Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

You don’t have to be a genius (AKA a ŠKODA technician) to know that non-genuine parts aren’t as good as using genuine ones. Our philosophy towards fixing your car is simple; the parts we use are identical to the parts used in the production of your car originally. Genuinely. And with a nationwide, two year, unlimited KM warranty on all genuine parts, peace of mind comes easily too.​

Brake Pads

Keeping your brakes serviced is maybe the smartest decision you can make. At ŠKODA, we test our brake pads for maximum effectiveness and extended life, also making them heat resistant. As well as that, they’re designed to make minimum noise and no vibrations for a more comfortable ride.


The job of a filter is very straightforward. Filter out the bad stuff and let the good stuff through. The fuel filter catches undesirable dirt particles, protecting the sensitive injection set from damage. The oil filter traps various particles in the engine oil, while the air filter works to ensure the input of clean air into the engine. Simple and effective.

Window Wipers

You don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to know that visibility in wet conditions is imperative for your safety. Our Aero-wipers are an advanced wiper with key benefits: perfect wiping performance throughout the length of the wiper, precision wiping even at high speeds, minimum noise and improved resistance thanks to removal of levers and longer service life. A simple solution that could save your life.

Spark & Glow Plugs

The bright sparks at ŠKODA know that spark plugs are more important than most people realise. The quality and design of spark plugs determines how well your engine performs and how reliable it is. A correctly set spark plug positively influences the combustion process of a petrol engine and thereby reduces the volume of waste products in emissions.

Shock Absorbers

It may come as a shock to realise poor quality shock absorbers can extend your car's braking distance, increasing the risk of an accident exponentially. The simple solution to that problem is to use original ŠKODA shock absorbers that guarantee that your wheels are always in contact with the road.

Genuine Exhausts

It can be exhausting being an exhaust, having to take on very high temperatures, heavy moisture, dust, small stones flying up from the wheels, shocks and vibrations. At ŠKODA, we make our exhaust systems from high quality stainless material or a combination of it and double-sided aluminiumised sheet, guaranteeing your exhaust doesn’t run out of puff.

Belts & Pulleys

Quite simply, the life of your engine depends on the service life of belts and tension rollers. If a timing belt or tension roller snaps or breaks unexpectedly, the resulting damage could be very expensive. Our tension rollers have to meet a number of demanding parameters including: minimum extension of the belt during long-term stress, maintenance-free operation and error-free operation through their service life.

Body Parts

This one seems like a no-brainer, but when you replace a body part, it should be a replica of the part you’re replacing. At ŠKODA Care, you’ll get an exact replica of the part you’re replacing. Because we use factory parts (when many others don’t) we can deliver a speedy repair for a lower price. Perhaps most important of all, you’re guaranteed to retain the precise shape and look of your vehicle. That is what you fell in love with, after all.


The simple fact of the matter is that your car can’t run without a strong battery. ŠKODA genuine car batteries use Power Frame technology and are some of the best batteries on the market. They have a higher capacity than comparable competitive batteries. ŠKODA genuine batteries provide long-term stable power output under any conditions.

Exchange Parts

Through ŠKODA genuine exchange parts, you can get a new original part for a lower price and also help the environment. ŠKODA genuine exchange parts are reconditioned parts of the same quality as new parts. They include gearboxes; engines, engine heads; injection pumps; starters; and alternators.